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    About CBD Office

    What makes CBD Office special?

    CBD Office staff demonstrate an outstanding and trustworthy level of client service that, more than any other factor, differentiates CBD Office from others. As you will see, the facilities that CBD Office can offer you are one of a kind. The location is unbeatable and the rates are more than competitive. Most importantly, it is the incredibly loyal and dedicated employees that give CBD Office its charisma and personality.

    Fresh, new look

    From the welcoming reception right through to every office and boardroom, CBD Office has had a total makeover. The surroundings are stylish, comfortable and reflect a thoroughly professional image.

    Superfast internet connection with Fibre Optic

    Need fast and reliable internet for your business? CBD Office delivers. Every office has wireless and hard-wired connections to our fibre-optic broadband. With delivery speeds of up to 1000mbps download and 500mbps upload, fibre optic is dependable and efficient.

    No boundaries boardroom

    With the technology installed in the CBD Office boardroom, you can effortlessly conduct meetings with clients or colleagues wherever they are in the world. The huge 70” Sharp LED Interactive Whiteboard/Monitor allows you to connect to any video conferencing facilities including Zoom and tilt or pan cameras. Furthermore, you can deliver presentations via your computer, simply write notes or draw diagrams on-screen and share them as you go.

    Social and friendly environment

    The helpful and friendly staff at CBD Office go out of their way to make every client feel welcome. You will be introduced to neighbouring tenants and occasionally be invited to informal after-work gatherings so you can socialise and network with co-tenants and their clients.

    Staff always on hand to help

    At CBD Office, all of your usual business needs are well and truly taken care of. Phone calls are answered, clients are welcomed, printing organised, facilities booked and offices spaces are maintained and cleaned. Furthermore, CBD Office will organise client lunches, handle dry cleaning, obtain a preferential rate for parking. For anything else, feel free to ask.